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Omoneness Workshops OA/11

Thank you to David for his guidance and teaching of the Oneness Program this weekend. David was able to very effectively communicate and impart his knowledge and understanding of the divine blessings as we together learnt and experienced this wonderful feeling of bliss, happiness and fulfilment. David’s energy was the guiding force behind the blessings by the Divine. He was a very effective conduit for this magnificent energy and feeling of goodness and well being.

Many times the whole room was energised and alive with positivity. There are many lessons here to be taught to people of different cultures, socio – economic backgrounds and work places for we are All one.

Thank you sincerely.


I have become a oneness blessing giver today and have enjoyed and received a lot of benefit from the two day course. The teachings were insightful and gave me a different perspective of the spiritual teachings I have already studied. The meditations and blessings were powerful. There was a blissful energy in the room where the course was held. I am looking forward to giving oneness blessings and to participating in the deepening process in India in Jan.


The blessing experience changed for me over the two days. I felt a healing and centering energy and an aliveness. During the blessing today and afterwards I felt the presence of my dead father and grandmother in addition to a strong presence of God. I had a wonderful conversation with all of them. I look forward to exploring the oneness blessing within and with my family. And also with some challenges in my life. David, your genuine and humble personality and stories was much appreciated. A lot of what you shared touched me personally. I look forward to stopping the “carry over”. I feel at peace. Thank you.


-Very relaxing,

-Teachings were eye opening, good to be told this stuff in person

-Felt energy especially during chakra meditation and oneness blessing med.

-Time went fairly quick, so it must have been interesting

-Enjoyable, thanks very much

-And good tunes!