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omoneness Testimonials cont......


-Moments of peace and clarity

-Guidance from my high self

-Feelings of oneness and divine presance!

David is a kind and wonderful man with wonderful energy. He is blessing to all who are willing to receive this special gift!

Thank You

Jamie Scamozzino

I had a range of experiences basically a very beautiful journey of opening up and surrendering to the meditations and to the music and letting myself be with whatever came.

I found the chakra meditation precise and that each of my chakras felt activated in turn. At one stage I experienced my body as if part of the universe-heavy and solid but not as a weight, as if my consciousness was floating.

After the deeksha listening to all the different music was joyful and a treat. Thank you so much David for providing this. It feels along like with the joy of family and living, trust this is what life is all about. Many thanks.


A complete feeling of deep hypnotic relaxation. I felt free of all stress and burdens and had a inner understanding that my life and needs and desires would unfold in due course.

I could feel a connection with the divinities and a calmness over my entire body. I had extremely clear vision from my third eye that seem to throw vivid colourful images during and after I received the deekshas.

A very beautiful special experience that I am blessed to have.

Warm Regards


 A beautiful peaceful experience as always. I have just experienced being told my job is redundant so I am on a new path to find my next job and meet new people and places. So today being in this workshop was important to me and meant to be, I feel.

I am going thru a time of change, surrendering and releasing the past and look forward to new beginning. May peace and love be brought to our wonderful earth. Thank you.


Deep relaxation and healing, Thank you!