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Karma Liberation course experiences

Very deep and beautiful experience. Through the teachings I became aware that I never before asked my divine for forgiveness for my short comings. The deekshas was powerful, took me in a deep and peaceful state. In between blessings I was using the sign language of the soul. Not sure what I am doing, but it feels  I am chanelling. Thank you once again, God bless.


A powerful experience, wonderful to spend a day in higher consciousness. After getting out of the mind, I am finding it hard to know what to say, as I am feeling rather spaced out. The padukas deeksha was very strong, I could feel waves of energy passing through my hands.

Davids blessings were also very strong

Grateful to have participated and feel the process will continue. Many thanks


David, the course was excellent and informative. I really enjoyed it, also the rituals.

I feel a stronger connection to my divine each time and I am very grateful to Amma Bhagavans help clearing my negative karma

I found the energy from the Padukas strong and deep. Before the blessings I started to receive very strong bursts of energy through my body as the blessings progressed these subsided into calmness.



Rituals were wonderful and teachings on karma clearing explained. Stories added.

Insights came on meditating on those we have hurt and those who have hurt us.

Deekshas very strong and felt something heavy and dark and old being moved up. Was extremely grateful for the deekshas you gave as it gave time for the energy to ascend.

When in shavasaan at the end felt energetically knives and daggers being removed out of my body, felt the pain of it, realised this can only happen as I too have wounded others, Energy still moving this ancient energy out.

Thank you, it  was amazing.


Teachings-excellent content.

Paduka deeksha- very, very strong

Enormous energy pulses, Could not get up and had to lurch( or was lurched) backwards and lie down. Ongoing pulses until my body was exhausted. I found myself giving deeksha to my chakras from the divine 4thand 5th, 6th, 7th, 2ndand 1st. Visions of past life experiences as root of repetitive karma.

Hands on deeksha – very, very strong, More energy shots. Shavasaan very relaxing, much needed. Thank you


Thank you David for such a wonderful, powerful experience to do with Karma. I had two amazing experiences with my karmic journey at birth to share my mother’s health problems and at work to share the mental state of those I work with.

The energy was amazing during the processes, Jesus and Amma Bhagavan came through very strong.

God bless


Thank you David, That was a beautiful process with a powerful, supportive energy


Lots of grace and strong energy flowed all day. I actually went into a deep state of meditation. Seemed like I disappeared. Deekshas were very strong and most of the process, my head was in a deep, silence and peace inside. Very beautiful process. Thank you


Very powerful day, many divine deities came through in the karma process to help including Bhagavathi Bhagavan, Jesus, divine mother and Krishna, Shiva.  Deekshas very powerful, a blessed day in divine energy. Took me in deep realisations followed by  state of profound bliss. Gratitude