Supreme light of Supreme love blessings

Monthly Oneness Supreme Light of Supreme love Blessings and Initiation  (Free event)

A warm invitation to join us at the following event for a beautiful group meditations, initiations followed by blessings .

Supreme light of Supreme love blessings is a gentle grace filled transmission of energy from pure source that helps creates a shift in perception from separation to connectedness, from stress and pressure to relaxation and joy. It aids in healing at various levels and expansion of consiousness

The next Supreme light of Supreme love Blessings event is on Sunday May 26th, 2019 in the afternoon

(Includes teachings,special meditations,powerful initiations, blessings and more)

2pm start finishes approx 4 - 4.30 pm

Location: St Albans, Melbourne Australia

There is no charge for this event its a service to humanity.

For confirmation of times and more information please contact me

Facilitator:David Gounder

Contact: Email: (preferred)


Venue is accessible by public transport and parking is also available

(Seating is limited,  so if you wish to attend please contact me to reserve your seat for the event)

Sacred Chambers on 7th April 2019