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General Experiences-B


David Gounder came to give deeksha to my aunt. I also grabbed the opportunity and joined the deeksha queue. During meditation prior to deeksha i became completely relaxed. When i was asked to visualize my God and be in gratitude. I visualized Maa Durga as i am very close to her and pray to her all the time. I felt closer to her now more than ever and felt she was listening to my wishes. In my heart i am very grateful for that.

When he actually gave deeksha to me i could feel the powerful divine current moving in my body. I felt very close to the Gods. It was an amazing feeling, was released from any negative tensions/thoughts in my body. My heart and mind was at peace and I felt myself beaming with a full smile. 
I know the effects of deeksha is cumulative, after yesterdays full day omoneness workshop and todays deeksha session i came to a realisation who actually I am. My heart expanded and my attention got focused to my inner self. Before my life was entirely about playing roles according to what’s expected of me, thats why i used to get tense very quickly and had very difficult time making decisions. I used to be stuck in should i do this, do that?. I was not paying attention to my instincts and was doing what was expected of me, rather than being authentic to myself and doing what i wanted to do. I had fear and was constantly worrying what if my decision was wrong, what if i hurt someone. Now i have come to this realisation and awareness of the inner conflict i used to have. Now I feel free, I can listen to my intuition. I am not afraid to make decisions or go ahead with my plans. The conflict within me ceased I feel i am limitless and wish to live life to the fullest. 

I feel free of any guilts associated with past incidents with friends and family. I feel much lighter now and free from all the burdens i used to carry with me. In addition i came to further realisation about the blame factor, before when going through suffering i used to blame others. However after the day workshop and yesterdays mini deeksha session i became aware of my blaming’ self.’ I came to the realisation that the universe dictates everything, there is no one to blame. Now i feel to just love and care about everyone without asking anything in return.
Thank you David and the divine for this oneness blessing that came in my life. Its a beautiful gift from Amma Bhagavan, divine collective including angels who have guided me to this path where everything is free, beautiful and successful. I feel i am blessed with a new life and my life now is filled with light. 


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