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General Experiences-A

I reached Oneness University Vardepalam India campus on 24th October 2008. Came here with a question - a question that questioned the very existence of God. My objectivity for practicality didn't allow me to accept God. It was my unconscious mind which stopped me to believe my Lord.

On 25th I was sitting near the huts of Bhagavan and Amma with my group. I still had doubt on God. My group leader asked us to form group of two and give deeksha to each other. Everybody formed group and I was the odd one who was not lucky to get my partner. While they were engrossed in deeksha I was alone, was very sad and painfully I said to God_"God you didn't give me a partner because I didn't trust you." I was embrassed, became very upset and said to God. "Now I will see it will be you who will give me deeksha. This is my sankalpa".

Next day we gathered near the huts again for discussions. When everybody was paying their homage to Amma Bhagavan from outside, I waited for my chance. Then suddenly I saw a man coming out from the hut. I just wanted to know how he went inside Amma's hut so I stuck in conversation with him. He was David Gounder from Fiji. He took me inside when my group was in discussion, I was receiving full energy and grace from God inside Amma's hut.

Suddenly David said " Can I give deeksha to you" Oh! I was astounded - I realised that it was God who came in the form of David in helping me getting my sankalpa turn into reality. God gave me deeksha and I felt him. Now i believe the lord.

Thank you God,

Thank you David

Abhisek Rathour