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Four basket discovery and healing Experiencess

It was very intense and deep process, I could feel the divine’s presence very strongly and the deekshas that I received were very powerful. I could clearly see that I was stuck in 3rd basket from  a very long time, actually from the past few years and more. I felt relieved and could see Amma liberate me from this destructive pattern. Thank you my dearest Amma Bhagavan. Koti Pranaaman’s Amma Bhagavan. Thank you very much David. I am very grateful to my lord. I am grateful to David.

Thanks and love

I am so glad and very grateful and so blessed by the divine Sri Amma Bhagavan. This Oneness Program was the best and most profound that I have attended so far, in all my years in Oneness.

The grace of the divine was so deep and flowed so powerfully all throughout the program and beyond afterwards, also David Gounder who ran the program was completely taken over by the divine and every word spoken and every teaching had a deep profound effect and shift in my unconscious. I had insights and wisdom from deep within come into my consciousness from all the four baskets and deep hurts and charges, insights were being seen and healed and released by the grace. The process went deeper and deeper within, with grace showing me things about myself and transforming the hurts, that were still there.

Grace also showed me about my relationships to be healed. This Oneness program the trainer facilitated was  a very high standard and one of the best that he facilitated. The deekshas during  the program and at end of the process were the most powerful that i have received so far outside Oneness Temple. The effect it had on my brain was so deep and profound, my brain was actually pulsating with intense silence. The silence was so profound that I could not even feel my brain I was having a shift in my brain and my level of consciousness.

My gratitude and thanks to the divine and to David for a very powerful and most profound Oneness experience. Thank you Amma Bhagavan for being present at the program.


 It was a amazing experience as you spoke David I went into deep states and your voice almost commanded the charge to be released.

As we went through each benefit I felt more and more released and refreshed. I feel at times I fell asleep during some parts which I felt were heavier parts for me to let of charges. Thank you so much for today and for your ongoing patience, understanding, knowledge and love.

Blessings, Gratitude and Love

The four basket was another deep experience from the workshop. I realise why I behave the way I have all my life. I have made my life so difficult when it was not necessary my motto was Life is hard so I made it hard. Today I have released more emotions, another layer has cleared and right now I feel so light and energised.

Thank you

Dear David

Thank you so much for the process today. It was a very intense process and have found deep charges during the four basket process.


This process helped me to realise and experience the pain suffering felt by my mother and my father and myself in the third and fourth basket especially. I was given the realization by the divine that all my struggles I faced in my life and all the distrust and loneliness I feel are due to the problems I faced in the delivery process. I also realized that I was also stuck in the fourth basket as I have been told that I was not received well when I came into the world.

The healing process for 3rd and 4th basket and the grace from the divine  helped  and allowed me to ask  for complete healing for my mother, father and all my ancestors and for me. I am grateful to you David and dear Amma Bhagavan for helping me to clearly see my mothers loneliness and pain. I know that I am almost healed and have received tremendous grace. I love you my dear parents and my mother divine of father divine.

Deepest Gratitude 

Deepened my connection with my divine, gained understanding of where some of my beliefs and habits came from that has been hindering my success or making it difficult for me to enjoy and benefit from my success. I feel that I am now able to release these beliefs.

Thank you

I could not pick up on any ‘dramas’ throughout the process of the baskets. On the contrary I felt very happy, feeling of peace, the thought I always had was  It is how how it is, a deep feeling of acceptance came up, “

Thank you David

I did notice patterns In my life of not feeling valued in life, of struggling and not feeling supported. I feel I still want to go deeper and I did enjoy the healing process and being received by the divine. I felt I have more insights as I continue to process, more awareness and more shifts. Some things I feel that I have already resolved a lot but doing this helped bring greater awareness and new perspective. Also to help me understand my family better.

Thank you David