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Divine Rescue( Remote Blessings)
I was talking to David Gounder on a international line and telling him about what’s happening in my life currently.David suggested that I receive a oneness blessing . So we put the phone down . He advised me to sit in meditation for atleast 5 minutes and he will pray for me and send me blessings from Australia.
So i did that. He sent me a blessing which i felt strongly.
I texted him back with great news after. All my stress and tension disappeared and amazingly  I also received a call shortly after the deeksha from my collegue who cleared everything regarding the situation and problem I was having at work. Oh my God, I am so amazed.  The divine was truly listening  and grace was pouring in via the oneness blessing. 
Thank you so much God, Amma Bhagavan and David for coming to my rescue. Phew I am so relieved.!
RAD ( Fiji)

I was in deep financial dire when I approached David asking him to send me his blessings. After about 15 minutes of receiving deeksha from him, my eye lids were heavy. Mind, I have slept in the afternoon and normally I would be asleep at 1.00am. However, straight after receiving David's deeksha, I collapsed on bed at 11.30pm and sleep through the night with energy continuing to work on me. Few days later, I got a job offer. How good is that? Thank you David! Carol (Aust)

A few minutes into the sessions I can feel the energy very intense enveloping my entire body. Then sometime into the session I felt a lot of energy on the top of my head. Then for the last minutes or so I started feeling joy and happiness in my heart. After the session I laid down to sleep. I went to sleep feeling very peaceful. I can't remember the last time I felt this peaceful. As I was falling asleep I thought how nice it was to fall asleep this way. I didn't sleep very deep and woke up shortly afterward. Once I was awake I went to turn my night light on then went back to lay down and this was when the experience begin.

 As I was laying there, I felt like my body was swaying back and forth and I was on some heavy pain killer. It's hard to describe it. Shortly after I lay down I fell into a deep state and I'm not sure what to call this state. I wasn't asleep but then I wasn't awake either. I knew exactly what was happening to me but couldn't really get myself out of it. What happened was I felt intense energy forcing out of my head. It's was so intense that it felt painful. This was repeated for quite a bit. Then I started to feel energy from the bottom of my spine moving up to my head and out of my head. A couple of times it felt like the energy was struggling to move up and it wasn't quite straight either. But then eventually it went up to the top of my head and out. After a couple of times like that the energy moved up and out of my head a lot smoother. But it hurt every time that it force out of my head. I noticed the more that it happened the less it hurt going out of my head. Every time that the energy moved out of my head I could hear my mom talking, then the next time it's my sister, then the next time it will be someone else. I also saw myself flying and I could control where I wanted to fly. I saw myself flying into the sky and to places I have never seen and seeing people I have never meet.

Thank you for the passion and authenticity you put into your work David. 

In gratitude to divine for the experience!!!!. Yen (USA)

  II felt and have been feeling very peaceful since the blessing. I enjoy quietness, silence and soothing music.

I m much more in tune with the Moola Mantra, whose practice have now intensified. Several synchronicities have been happening. Thanks again for your support. In gratitude, Elena (UK)

Each time I was given a remote oneness blessing, I felt energy pouring through my crown chakra and I experienced a wonderful sense of peace.
On those nights, I benefited from wonderfully deep sleeps. Once I had a remote blessing during a time when I was very upset and the blessing completely balanced me, so that I felt calm and centred again. 
I'm extremely grateful that I've discovered the benefits of oneness blessings. 
With love and thanks to the Divine, Amma Bhagavan and David.

Sally (Aust.)

The blessings were wonderful. I feel an incredible sense of equanimity, peace and clarity. I sense this wonder-filled feeling will continue to grow as time passes. These blessings are truly life changing. I feel so alive.Thank you for this incredible divine gift.

Rob (Canada)

I was going through some emotional times in my life and have not been able to sleep properly for few months now.I came across David's website and booked a blessing session with him. I felt the energy enough before our scheduled remote session and during the blessings. Deeksha followed to every part of my body, generally i am quite sensitive to energy so i could feel it intensely, I felt some processes happen within me, I became very relaxed, calm and peaceful. After the blessings as it was late i went to bed and and i had the best and  deepest sleep ever in a long time. Next morning i awoke up feeling relaxed, energetic, calm , peaceful and clear. Deep Gratitude

Chris (Aust)