Deepening What to bring

Deepening Helpful hints, What to bring

Water Bottle

You may prefer to bring your own bottle, filtered water is available at the University so you can fill your bottle up

They also have shops in the campus where you can purchase pure bottled water

Mosquito Repellant

Personally rarely i have come across mosquitoes there at the campus but you may like to take a mosquito repellant rollover or cream

If you like to sit on the floor you may like to bring a back Jack chair, or mediation floor chairs to make you more comfortable and to keep your back straight.

You may also like to take a yoga mat, light blankets to cover yourself while lying down and pillow. Sometimes Campuses have spare ones which you can hire, please check with registration office. 

Temple, Campus shops

They sell many items including amma bhagavan pictures, padukas, CDs, tapes, tea shirts etc.

It may also sell soft drinks, tea, chocolates, icecream.

Shops also sell essential toiletry items such as washing powder, soap, shampoo, tooth paste, tooth brush, Its better however to bring your own toiletries in the first instance and then if you run out of it you can purchase from the campus shop.

Laundry is included in the accommodation fees however if you like to do your own washing pls bring pegs and you can hang clothes at the back of campus building where the clothes lines are at GC2

Food and snack items

Mild indian vegetarian food is provided at the campus however you may like to bring the following to supplement your diet or for snacks

Nuts, chocolates, protein powder, herbal teas, biscuits, protein bars, health bars, vitamins etc if you like. You can also buy nuts and health food from Nuts and Spices store in Chennai at Spencers before you come to Oneness Uni, refer link in main page. 

Please bring flip flops, umbrella, raincoat (keep it handy incase), Flash light ,padlocks, hat or cap, Alarm clock. ear plugs if you are a light sleeper. 

Dont forget your phone charges and universal converters or adaptors that are usable in India.

I like to bring cough lollies, ginger tea (herbal),Electrolytes to just keep it incase i need it. Hot water is provided at the campus also for your teas.

Please bring your own medications.