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Deeksha Miracles/B


I am in deep gratitude to the divine for this miracle. I had this boil problem for approximately an year now. I saw many doctors  and even was admitted for treatment at an hospital . I spent so much money on medical treatment and travel expenses. I came with faith and an open mind for my first deeksha session with David Gounder. When he placed his hands on me I experienced powerful divine energy, deep relaxation and healing. Within days  i witnessed the problem disappeared, the boils completely healed.   I am totally amazed and very grateful to Amma Bhagavan and divine for this miracle of healing. This oneness blessing is awesome. Thank you David for you help.
Jai chand
I was travelling on a bicycle and had an accident on the street in Brunswick, Victoria. I was turning right and my tyre got stuck in the tram track. The bicycle tripped over and I fell on the road on my back. I had injuries to my back and felt a lot of pain in my lower back. I finally managed to get up and staggered home which was closeby.
I got in touch with David Gounder and requested him to give me a healing to relieve my lower back pain. He suggested I see a doctor as well and upon my request gave the healing for around 30 minutes. After that I was completely relaxed and went straight  to sleep. I awoke up next morning with absolutely no back pain. I was totally amazed, the pain in my lower back was completely gone. Wow, its a miracle. I am so grateful to David and the Divine for healing me. Many Thanks.

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