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Pvte Sessions/Experiences-A


After receiving a my first healing deeksha from David Gounder I felt deep peace and saw a golden ball that looked like a sun. I then saw lord Krishna and many other divine beings it was totally divine and profound experience for me.
Deeksha/Oneness blessing from David took me in deep relaxation and peace. The following nights I had a very deep and peaceful sleep after a long time. My usual problems in external life did not seem to bother me anymore. I felt deep peace within, it was a very nice feeling. I kind of felt that I was peace(shanti) myself. I am immensely grateful to the divine for this beautiful gift.
I came for a private healing and enlightening session with David Gounder. The experience was very good. I felt very light as if my body had disappeared, the divine light was very strong all over my body. So much healing took place over my whole body.
Josette Chator

"My life changed immensely after a few treaments with David. I am much more reflective and know what it is to feel PURE happiness. I could actually feel physical cues that the process was taking place both during and after as well. I could taste and feel the toxins and negativitiy within me to be brought to the surface and could blow them out of my body. Also David is a very generous and peaceful man. It was an honour to be in his presance.

I emplore anyone who wants to get in touch with their true self for a treatment. It is very relaxing and you really have nothing to lose.... yet so much to gain!. While the treatment is relaxing you can really feel it working. The energy coming from him is so powerful, but all you have to do is enjoy and be receptive!"
Sarah Hart

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