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I was fortunate to have the opportunity to spend a couple of hours with David to receive a Oneness Blessing. I was not in the best state when I went to see him as I was going through the early stages of a marriage break up and had'nt yet left home. I'd been feeling very depressed for some time and confused about a lot of things including old beliefs that I'd been carrying with since childhood. A friend of mine had recently been to a conference on the Gold Coast and I had been amazed by the changes I had seen in her as a result and so I searched the internet for a blessing giver in Melbourne. I found David Gounder's website but at the time he was away in Fiji. I absent mindedly forgot about him for some weeks but was forcefully reminded after waking up two mornings in a row having remembered dreaming that I'd visited David for a Oneness Blessing. That's why I ended up seeing him. I had already found a house to rent and was going for a job that I really wanted. David said he'd pray for me to get the job and yes I did get the job. Now that I look back, I believe that the oneness blessing enhanced my life in more ways than one - yes I got the job - but more than that it seemed to set up sequence of events that helped me with my old worn out beliefs. A week after seeing David I moved into my little rental home and just couldn't wipe the smile off my face! Deanne

I have known David for around 2 years and have always found him to be very generous with his time and energy, kind, friendly, genuine, loving, deeply spiritual and enormously dedicated to helping others with their spirtiual growth. Over the past year I have attended many of David's workshops and had private sessions with him. I have found the deeksha/Oneness blessings to be deeply peaceful but powerful, and often accompanied for me by feelings of bliss, vivid imagery or the arising and release of deep memories. In the days and weeks following these sessions I have experienced greater feelings of oneness, lightness, peace and sometimes swirling healing energies within my body and home.There is no doubt that David is a powerful and spiritually evolving divine channel for the deeksha energy and it had a positive ongoing effect on myself and others whom he has helped. I'd recommend him very highly to anyone.Stuart Wall

I first heard about deeksha energy from a friend who tried it beforehand, and said she had a good experience after the session. She mentioned having a clarity of mind, and feeling of peace. I'm writing this only a little while after my session, but so far my feelings mirror my friends. I feel something working inside my head, sensations of clarity, peace and at times feeling of beginnings of ecstasy, feeling more love towards others around me. I would certainly recommend this program for anyone seeking the truth about themselves.Marcin Piechowski

I have had very disturbed sleep for many weeks now and felt some negative energy and darkeness. My body felt heavy and in was in discomfort.

I decided to try the deeksha session for the first time.  It was truly an amazing experience from darkeness to light. While receiving the powerful deekshas  blockages were coming up and being released and finally a light was beaming in front of my face, very beautiful and intense. I knew before hand the room was dimly lit with candles so this light on my face was truly divine light. I experienced the divine light fully.  After the program I felt completely relaxed, body got lighter, tensions  and pains gone and feel happy and relieved from negative energy.

I also had very beautiful undisturbed sleep after a long time. Thank You. Saroj



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