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Deeksha Miracles


After attending deeksha programs and being initiated recently and within the month amazing chamatkar (miracles) started happening in my life. I found my little Sri Murthi of Amma bhagavan which I had misplaced several months ago.   A close family relationship which had been estranged  for a long time got healed out of the blue by grace, I was pleasantly surprised.  Another miracle, my sewing machine which was broken for  6 months with no hope of being  fixed, got fixed so I can use it for tailoring. I also had injured my foot before and after blessings the swelling went down.

In addition  I experienced psychic surgery by amma bhagavan, they told me not to worry we will take care of you. I saw them working on my organs in my body.  My perceptions have changed, same things look different then before, like new and beautiful. I don’t feel bothered by things anymore. Also my connection to divine has strengthened very much.

In deep gratitude!


Since receiving the oneness blessing and the litte Srimurthi many miracles has happened in my life

My relationships improved and got healed, I also met a wonderful partner, lots of little financial miracles happened resulting in financial improvement.

Inaddition I successfully passed my difficult exam, my poem was published in the school anthology in competition with other NMIT colleges.

I had been waiting to relocate to a new apartment for a while and this week got the wonderful surprise and got the keys to it. My health has improved, outlook to life and I am feeling positive and happy.

With love and gratitude!

Anita (Australia)