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Bhakti Yoga Experiences

The energy was very strong throughout the day. I had a profound experience after receiving Deekshas and the Sri Murthi was very special. First time I was able to thank God for my life. Being here today was almost as good as being at the Oneness University.

Thank you David! You are doing a great job, your dedication is to be admired and the energy loves you!


Wonderful experience, deep healing, tremendous heat in my head right to the third eye. I feel so free, peaceful and clear mind.


I felt connected to Bhagavan and I melted down with gratitude. I felt the five deekshas were powerful. End of the session I felt peace within me.


I was able to get a very strong connection to personal God. It was a wonderful experience to talk to her. During the deekshas I felt a strong and calm power entering into me.


Today I attended bhakti yoga conducted by Davidji. After the blessings in the morning I could see a bright deep blue colour with my eyes closed when I was lying down in shavasaan.

In the afternoon after contemplation I felt that I have to ask Bhagavan to show me and guide me to fulfil the purpose of my life. Enjoyed the whole day’s program.

Sri Lata

I am very happy, very good experience. Thank You, Amma Bhagavan