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Bhakti Yoga Experiences

I feel fresh, good and relaxed, body light, strong energy.

Uma D

Very strong deeksha from Sri murthi, my hands were vibrating, Sri Murthi pulsating.  Mind completely silent no thoughts, relaxed, joyful, body light, enjoyed the process

Jai C

Teachings were very interesting, I felt amma bhagavans presence.. it was an amazing feeling, I was overwhelmed. I was filled with joy and happiness. I was free of tension, worries, sadness at the end of the day. I felt the strong energy of deeksha through my body while touching the photo of amma bhagavan. My heart  got heavy and my heartbeat got stronger and later I was in peaceful state completely. I had quality time with my divine. Overall it was a wonderful experience. Thanks heapz, am feeling so lucky for such an opportunity to attend the program. 



I felt energy strongly, powerfully from Sri Murthi, I was overwhelmed, in joy, tears of joy rolled out.

Mind completely relaxed, body light, feel all wishes will be granted.