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Bhakti Yoga Experiences

Felt the strong divine current and experienced the energy while taking deeksha from Sri Murthi,  very intense and powerful, felt my hands were stuck to Sri Murthi, did not feel like letting go. Felt the presence and connected to all divine. Felt completely protected, Tears of joy, mind silent, all tension gone, feel just great after the bhakti program. Thanks


Feel the energy coming from Sri Murthi, I connected very well, could hear Lord Shiva talk.  Feel really good, lot of compassion flowing from heart. My mind is completely silent, feel amazing generally.


Felt the  powerful diksha from Sri Murthi, Saw Sri bhagavans  feet live in Sri Murthi. Tension gone, mind clear and silent and joyful within. Teachings great.


Felt energy strongly from Sri Murthi, enjoyed the process, feel great generally, body feels great.


Saw bright white light come into the room during the process, feel body light, enjoyed.


Felt very strong energy from Sri Murthi, Felt like I was flying in divine space  immersed in divine energy, feel great, strong and healthy.  Enjoyed the process.