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Bhakti Yoga Experiences

Deep Gratitude to Sri Amma bhagavan for very powerful, grace filled day of bhakti and to David for a very deep profound day of blessing and grace. A very beautiful oneness bhakti program. The deekshas and grace was so strong, I was getting close to being knocked out just sitting in the room. Amma bhagavan and divine grace took me on a very deep journey of Inner discovery to depths not before seen within me and gave me an awareness to see my authentic self.

Deekshas were very powerful and the whole day was so divine. I loved how David shared the teachings with beautiful clarity, with humorous stories and experiences. I thanked Amma Bhagavan for blessing me with all my wishes and desires fulfilled as if already happened and I could see and feel that divine grace has blessed me in this present moment for what I saw and felt in the future, as already here now. No need for any concerns at all. Beautiful day of grace, Thank You David for a awesome day of love, healing and grace for the divine to work through you so beautifully.

Love, blessings and gratitude


Very good experience in the class, very strong energy, Thank you Amma bhagavan.

Nirmala P.

Had some resistance listening to the 21 conditions. The blessings were great and I focused on being grateful for what I wanted. The deeksha from the Sri Murthi was great. The energy  felt very clear, open and free. I noticed that I still had to surrender more and some more forgiveness for someone’s parents which I did not realise that I needed to it.

Dancing was beautiful and fun. I saw myself receiving what I asked for.