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Bhakti Yoga Experiences

Bhakti Yoga deepening process

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Before coming I felt the usual resistance of the mind and its chatter. It was strong almost to the point of me not coming to participate.

I did come and I am grateful. It felt like coming home to family. As the day progressed all the resistance melted and a beautiful peace re – established itself. With David’s deeksha I felt a release of tension, sadness many things sliding away. During the process, I felt the energy strongly something that I usually do not feel. I felt Amma Bhagavan’s presence so strongly. I was actually dancing with them, it felt real and blissful and touching to the point of tears. They were each so accepting, caring, gentle and reassuring. During the Sri Murthi process I was so touched. I experienced a strange paradox of sadness and joy as one. I could not distinguish between them, they felt the same. The voice that I heard before-“ do not take life so seriously”re-echoed itself.

Thank you for providing such a lovely space and facilitating a beautiful process.


Beautiful to say the name of my God publically and loudly. It feels like that I have ushered in a new intimacy with God.

The divine was telling me of my own worth- very moving and a first time.

I felt myself dancing towards the divine, and felt his attention as I honoured my body.

Really got ‘’helpless’’ in a new way. What a relief! Feeling less alone and ….. helpless!


Bhakti yoga day was a very profound day. I felt very close to Sri Amma Bhagavan during the day.When we were talking with our divine it was like in physically. My deep love and gratitude for all the teachings for this day.

Thank you, Thank You


I feel renewed, joyous, light and peaceful after the bhakti yoga day. Appreciated the teachings delivered in beautiful and simple way.

Thank you, Thank you for everything.