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Bhakti Yoga Experiences

Bhakti Yoga deepening process

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Even though this was the first time that David has run this program, the outcome was incredibly powerful. David’s humble and devoted nature helped to bring this about.

The space was beautifully arranged and David facilitated the bhakti yoga with great sensitivity and humour. It was an extremely enjoyable day and the Sri Murthy was pulsating!


Thank you David for the most amazing day. I feel gratitude, joy and liberation that I have never felt before. I look forward to continuing my spiritual journey with you.

Namaste, Lisa

Great experience, very powerful, deeksha very strong. As I laid down, it was so blissful such a feeling of peace all over me. After a while the kundalini started to work all on the left side of my brain and also the energy was working on the crown chakra and the frontal lobes.


I saw Jesus, Mother Mary, Amma Bhagavan, Kuan Yin and Buddha Amitabha when I was deep in my state. Amma Bhagavan touched my chakras to heal me. When I touched Sri Murthi for blessing, Amma Bhagavan’s eyes were bright beaming love at me. I saw their hands holding mine, the energy from their feet is very powerful.

I am grateful to Amma Bhagavan for bestowing their blessings to me along this amazing journey.

Thank  you  Thank You Thank you


The opportunity was provided to me to attend David’s Bhakti yoga process. I m still a little shaky after the experience, and at the same time filled with divine love and grace.

Thank you Divine grace for bringing me here today. Thank you Davidji for your beautiful teachings, as always taught with such humility.

The Sri Murthi deeksha was very powerful and the vibration of the deeksha was filled with love.

With love and gratitude Davidji