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Arogya(Health deeksha)

Thank you David, for another fantastic program. I always go away from your programs feeling  enlivened and at one. I feel peace, joy, love and oneness. With much love and gratitude to you and the divine for being part of my life.

Namaste Lisa

The blessings in the morning were very powerful. I spent wonderful time in bliss afterwards. The whole day was great. Thank you David, and thank you the divine. I feel parts of my body were worked on and I am grateful for that.


Feel revitalised and happy. Was really looking forward to the weekend so I could come.  Thanks so much David and amma bhagavan for the strong energy and healing. Felt a lot of energy around my feet and legs and I know physical healing is required. Thanks so much.


In a deep process today ending in a beautiful heart warmth after setting my intention. Thank you

For the laughing  train clip, and thanks for everything David.


Beautiful oneness program, lots of grace and energy. Nobody home inside my mind, was so relaxed. Deekshas very powerful and in laying down shavasana I went deeper into the peace and silence within. During the day and  latter,  I felt my heart open more into love and so much gratitude inside me to the divine, Amma bhagavan and even more love and gratitude now after the process. Thank you and bless you.


The blessings this morning I had some resistance and it took me a while to settle in. There was a lot of energy. When I went for lunch I was walking soo slowly! A completely different pace to everyone else. After lunch hearing about the miracles was inspiring and getting a deeper understanding of connecting and creating more of a bond with the divine. I noticed feelings of insignificance around a relationship in my life and chose to accept how I was feeling and accept him. The dancing was beautiful and I felt a lot more connected and surrended in the afternoon.  Thanks. Br