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Ancestor Liberation process experiences

A day before the course at home,  i was feeling tired and I closed my eyes and then saw a vision of David doing the process and lots of light beings coming out of the Sri Murthi so that energised me and I was looking forward to attending the process next day.

Wonderful energy David work with so much love. He is totally involved in this course.

I am going from here a new person, full of love and happy because my ancestors are liberated.

As David picked up the ancestor picture after the program  and we were looking at it, we saw green colour on various places on the picture and right before our eyes the green colour was spreading. This was quite amazing.


During the process as  I saw bhagavans hand extend out of the Sri Murthi and also there was light around the Sri Murthi. Beautiful experience.


Very powerful workshop

I experienced a lot of grace, energy shifting and got a lot of new insights, realisations about the importance of helping our ancestors and of the role I am to play with helping them. Deep gratitude to David and Amma Bhagavan and it was very enjoyable, peaceful and interesting course. Love the teachings as always.


After the course, next morning I had a significant shift, I cant even really explain it, it just felt inside and a new awareness. Amma was busy fussing around in the temple of my heart where she and Bhagavan reside, she had her slippers on and was really making my heart her comfy home. Thanks so much for all the energy  and loving kindness you put into the course. Bless


Yes, thank you David, as always I thoroughly enjoy the Ancestor process.

Today however was felt very intense I felt that there was much unconscious pain that surfaced and felt a lot lighter as my ancestors went to the light. Where they originally come from to become liberated fully.

Some images come up and I shall ask my divine to help with these as I sit further in meditation.

I am very grateful for having the opportunity to given to me to release my ancestors to the light and all karma associated with it. It is very helpful ( I am grateful for the humour the divine bestowed on me also). The deekshas  for me were intense, deep and yet light and  beautiful.

Love and blessings


After the process we were looking at the picture of Lord Sannada, oversoul of Jesus, when we saw light and colours around it expanding and getting darker and more colours appearing, it was happening right in front of our eyes, it was amazing to see and experience it.


David, I enjoyed the course, the process and the teachings they much. All was very clear and helpful.

I don’t know many of my ancestors but I could see the ones I know and many heads behind them.

I am blessed that  my ancestors I knew all treated me with such love, and there is only love between us.  There was hurt created on my husbands side but forgiveness has happened and I feel so peaceful.  Deekshas very beautiful and I feel  so peaceful and light in body, thank you David


The ancestor process conducted by David was very honouring and so beautifully timed for me personally. With the recent death of my mother I was able to work with further forgiveness and ask for her and other ancestors liberation to the light.

The teachings were delivered so clearly and gave me the tools to continue the work of releasing Karma and healing relationships. Much gratitude to you David with your divine connection to Amma Bhagavan.  Deekshas were very strong. Also my communication with my mother on the other side has enhanced. Thank You.