Events- Wealth Deeksha Process


A amazing  course for blessing givers and receiver (non blessing givers)  to  heal, enhance their finances or money matters.

In this universe everything is abundance, the Universe is ready to give everything, only thing is you should know how to get it. This Oneness Wealth course is here to help you get it.

We will be focusing fully on financial matters.  Program includes oneness blessings, special rituals for wealth , excellent new teachings and more.

Not to be missed if you are serious about increasing your abundance or improving your finances and general well being.


Date: 22nd July 2012

Time:10.30 am to 6.30 pm

Location:Albert St, Mt Waverely, Melbourne

Cost:$30 for the day


Seating is limited so please confirm your booking in advance. Payment can be made through direct deposit in bank account or via credit card through paypal secure pay.  Please contact David for further  details., Mobile: 0449810438

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