Oneness Awakening Course


2 Day Oneness Awakening process includes Blessing Giver Initiation

   (Incl Sacred Awakening (Mukthi) blessing & process)



Spend an entire weekend immersed in the peaceful,
divine energies of The Oneness Blessing (Oneness Deeksha)
In this amazing weekend you will
Ø Learn and implement the formula for personal success and happiness
Ø Practice powerful kundalini meditations and processes for chakra awakening and personal breakthrough
Ø Experience samskara shuddhi, an ancient technique to give you an opportunity to
·         Deepen your experience of Divine Grace by releasing deep- seated emotional charges
·         Heal relationships
·         Remove negative patterns caused by childhood experiences
Ø Learn Oneness teachings and experience the Oneness Blessing to help you
·         Establish an intimate, personal relationship with your Divine
·         Experience higher states of awareness
·         Improve and heal relationships
·         Accomplish your goals in life 
Ø Receive sacred special deeksha designed to help move the recipient in a awakened state of oneness and be initiated as blessing giver
·         Awaken the process of living a life of oneness with no conflict or constant internal chatter.
·         Awaken  the process of fully experiencing reality as it is and living in the “now”
Trainer:Faciliated by Awakened  Oneness Trainer -David Gounder

Location:  Melbourne, Victoria

Time and Date:Pls contact for the next dates

(For cost, additional dates please contact me by email )

As seats are limited please book in advance, contact David Gounder via email, or call 0449810438

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